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that president obama faced, the way he responded to them, why those were the right choices for the american people and why we need to stick with an economic program that builds on again what he tried to do in office with success and i think what president obama is trying to do equally. we haven't felt it as much as we need to but i think it will build success. >> charlie, let's think about four years ago today. 4 years ago today bill clinton was a con troa verse yal and i would say somewhat discredited figure within the democratic party. difficult primary struggle between barack obama and hillary clinton. there was really animosity between the obama camp and clinton camp and he was not a happy person at that time, at least he wasn't meap politically. you talk about resilience. you talk about -- i mean this is remarkable. he really was down and four years later he is critical, he's a validate tor for barack obama. let's go back tor where i was. republicans weren't quite as generous in the '90s in their support for bill clinton nowl saying let's go back to the clinton years. >> one thing i di
. i apologize now let me get it right. >> charlie:i read a usa interview with president obama and he talked about the fact he thinks the country is not caught up in the eye lee logical divide but caught up in the idea why things don't work, which is dysfunction in washington. there are partisan feelings about democrats and republicans but it's not an ideological thing. is that true? >> in statistics 2 to 1 more americans identify themselves as conservative. >> charlie:i'm say ideological in terms of extreme of either party. >> they don't want that. this election is not going to be decided by the extremity bull the people dead center who believe in a right of center economic approach and a leave us alone on social issues. so they're closer to barack obama on sewingal closer to mitt romney on economic issues so they're torn. >> charlie:bait way there's a difference between independent and affiliated. >> check democratic and choose both. unaffiliated says i don't care. ly follow this on election day and that's t the problem is neither candidate is speak to go them in a way they want to
obama because that was his career many years ago. from the very beginning because of the depths of the problems in our economy the action president took gm bailout, a lot of people in business felt it was a mistake. i think he has been proven right krmpleght some say it may be crucial in states that might give him the presidency. >> i think it was also crucial in helping as president clinton said to put the foundation underneath the collapse going on. not just politically. i don't think in january of '09 as this things was melting down, the president and his advisors no matter how political they may be, gee, in '12, ohio, michigan. >> charlie:they were doing what they thought was best for the country. >> exactly. ill think it's been proven to be the right decision. not one favorable among the business community at the time to be frank with you. i saw that. there was a sense that this is interference that shouldn't take place. but if you're the captain of the team you will do whatever it takes within reason to save that team and that's how president saw it. >> charlie:would the b
, that is such an important question. politicians have to do it. when president obama was elected, he had made a speech where he talked about america is part of the world, and he went to istanbul and cairo in his first year and talked about independence and the need to work together, and he was punished by the media and his own party, and the result is he talks mainly about america, we are number one, god bless america, and i do one god to bless america, but i want them to bless the whole world. the focus on the american exhibition where, first of all, every nation thinks it is exceptional. in switzerland, they talk about it, and in france, they talk about it that the french think similarly. and this does not mean that we are exceptional in the sense that we can solve problems by ourselves, that we can fix the things the way we did 100 years ago. thinking about immigration, there is nothing we can do. we cannot do that one nation at a time. even if we suddenly had all of the alternative energy and if we got off the petroleum teet and started using geothermal energy, 80% to 85% of the emissions come from othe
of convincing people to reelect president obama despite economical problems. also we remember michael duncan, gone too soon at the age of 54. we are glad you joined us. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is right thing. i try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminating hunger and we have work to do. fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> please welcome arianna huffington back to this program. she is the founder of huffington opposed media group. she is also behind chateau convention, a nonpartisan alternative to the major conventions, focusing on poverty, influence of money and politics, and the war on drugs. she joins us from charlotte. good to have you on the program. let me start by asking in your views on what the republicans did in tampa last week. >> they must be wondering themselves what they did. this is a great opportunity to challenge the record of the last few years in terms of the
the character of the obama team has work very hard to sell to voters in swing states, which is this is a very wealthy person who looks out for and things first and foremost about himself and his wealthy friends, so that is why it is so hurtful to his campaign because it played into the narrative president obama was trying to drive into the campaign. tavis: we have seen a lot of politicians who have gone to 60 minutes to try to set the record straight. mr. romney has done that. now did you get a chance to see it, and what did you make about his appearance? >> he is trying to restart a conversation about the economy that is focused on barack obama. he was supposed to be doing the same thing but got sidetracked and badly by this video. he will be ablepresident to get over this. he has to hope that is not the majority of people. the fact that a majority of people do not approve of how barack obama has handled the economy, but ultimately those people will say i am done with a guy who is currently in office. let's give the other guy a chance. the interview he has done and he is going to continue to
. >> fifth you were to put someone on the spot and ask the primary difference between how mr. obama omney approach the economy, you would say it what? >> one is investment. make sure there are safety nets and trampolines. what the republicans believe is trickle-down economics. make the rich richer. a good cut their taxes. good cut many programs of course depend on -- the poor depend on. i do not believe the republican program has proven itself to work. did we saw george bush have major tax cuts for the rich. we have fewer jobs after those bushwhacks cuts, and the median wage started to drop, ending in the crash of 2008. what we have seen in the clinton administration, of which are was very proud to be secretary of labor, that when we raise taxes at the top, when you expand infrastructure, when you build the economy from the bottom, you get a sustained recovery is, and you get a larger middle class with an upward mobility. >> "the new york times" did a story about the clinton administration when you were secretary of labor, and they found now 15 years later more women and children are fall
, with mr. gingrich calling obama the food stamp president and with this general idea that with the food stamps are the new welfare and we've got to get rid of it like we did welfare itself, that's actually a new thing. what they want to do is they want to turn it into a block grant. instead of it being that you would have a legal right, as you do have, which is why we got up to 46 million people, just leave it to the states, they can help or not. that's what we did to welfare, and that's the other story i would tell you, because that was definitely a bipartisan not all democrats, but a bipartisan agreement in the wrong direction in 1996, and that's a very sad, unfortunate, terrible story, because now cash assistance for mothers, and this is a story about mothers and children, it's about women and children, it's practically gone in more than half the states in the country. in the state of wyoming, they're the kind of big winners on this, just barely 600 people in the whole state, mothers and children, receive tafnfs it's called temporary assistance for needy families. twenty-six states
face is that obama is better than romney, you are not going to push obama because you do not want romney to get in. how much does this have to do with people being not willing to fight with their friends? >> the point is people are to focus -- too focused on elections. the point was he went beyond elections. part of the problem is people assume if they elect, they elected a democratic pr president and congress and the president could not done -- get done as much as he needed. the public is not engaged. that is what i am talking about. the environmental movement did not care if it was richard nixon or a democrat. they thought it was not tolerable and they got out there. tavis: that is my point. you close this book with 10 really good ideas to turn this around. give me a couple of them. >> we were talking about the most important one, civic engagement. the issues are clear. jobs, fairness, and housing. one of the most outrageous things is the banks got $700 billion of bailout and they're back making profits. the ceo and top people are making enormous bonuses and they will not bail o
with foreign policy, and we have already seen how mr. obama and mr. romney have responded. with libya and other parts of the world. what is your sense that they need to calibrate the situation going forward? >> it is a difficult thing for america, because i think it is very important to hold the line. it is important to say we have some fundamental freedoms in this country that we cherish and that we are not going to bat down from that. it is very important to say that while at the same time not slamming the door on conversations with people. i think president obama is much closer to getting it right. mr. romney has said a few dumb things. tavis: you lived to write this book and tell the story in your own voice. there are those around you that are not as fortunate. >> that is correct. tavis: how do you feel about the death that came to those around you? >> it was terrifying. two of my translators in italy and japan, and my japanese translator actually died. he was a college professor. he was killed one night on campus in an elevator shaft, and it is clear from the investigation that this was no
. on the foreign policy question, president obama has used more drones now than george bush did. we know that when president bush left office he asked president obama to continue at least two programs that had to do with foreign policy. the president did just continue the use of drones. he's increased it. what's your sense of the use of these unmanned vehicles that too often to my mind, at least, are killing innocent women and children? >> well, let's remember they may be unmanned in the sense that there is no human being aboard the aircraft, but they're being manned by people who are watching, and they don't just go out and indiscriminately drop bombs on people and nobody's monitoring it. the people who operate these things are using the best intelligence they have, but in a war which we are in with respect to these terrorists, mistakes will be made. i think that the administration and our military commanders, as we've heard in recent days, have to do all they can to make absolutely sure of the targets they're going after and not do it in an indiscriminate way, sometimes letting a target go if th
obama speak, and he said, i am running with the urgency of running, and i did not understand what he meant at the time, and after the quake i decided i would run for president, i ran because of the urgency of saying, over 52% of the population is youth. >> that is a great line. he is borrowing that from dr. kean. -- king. the fierce urgency of now. let me follow you there. why was the answer for you after feeling that urgency why was the answer attempting to run for president of haiti? >> when i came to america, harry belafonte, dr. kean, there is a time when there is a group of people, and you find yourself in the middle of these people, and they are calling you a leader. they have to say there is something going on. me going back in forests being from that part of the country, after the earthquake, and what sparked in my head was katrina, iraq, katrina. 250,000 people under the rubble, 80% of the people living on less than $2 a day. wet was the greatest asset possess? human capital. i said, who is going to negotiate with these people. i have been wearing my flag to get a group of p
not realize your name was carroll. >> this all my birth announcement. tavis: you and obama, i have seen them both now. >> i have met him, a very nice man. very nice man. i am voting for him. he is terrific. penny was written in bigger letters than carol. that only called me penny. in kindergarten i would not respond. they would say carol, and i did not respond. i don't know why they did it. tavis: your mother responded because you were sent home with a note saying we think your daughter is a little koo-koo because she does not respond. >> how would i know? was four or five years old. i could tap dance, but i could not read. tavis: use at a moment ago that you would not have a show business career were not for gary. that is very kind, and there may be some truth to that, but obviously have some talent in this. >> i could open a door, but once you go through, you've got to do it on your own. he is 10 years older than me. i was an only child until august 8. my brother and sister were both gone. i figured i would meet him. he is a great guy, and he did help me an awful lot. i landed on the odd c
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)